Based in Hampshire, DS Equine provide the services below to discerning clients throughout the South East of England, as well as working nationally and globally on highly specialist projects.

“To inspire equine visions is part of design.”

David Spragg



David Spragg is the owner and director of DSEquine Ltd, a company which specialises in the development of equine facilities and training of youngstock.

He has over 35 years of experience in the equine sporting industry, uniquely enabling him to understand both the needs of the professional rider and, importantly, the horse.

Throughout his career, David’s main sport has been polo, and he is a playing member of highly renowned Cowdray Park Polo Club.

Having lived and worked in Argentina, Hong Kong and New Zealand, David has gained valuable experience in different horse training methods, and an understanding of factors such as climate and culture which influence the needs of individual projects.

He has been involved in the design and construction of equestrian sites with budgets ranging between £500,000 and £10 million. His mission to provide a highly personal service, and bring creative projects to life.

David has close working links with many professional consultancies. He has been a guest speaker on the subject of equine planning at a Hoof Networks event, part of the British Equestrian Federation Olympic and Paralympic Legacy. David has also acted as an expert witness in court at planning appeals and as an equine consultant for a DEFRA equine border facility unit.

He managed for two years a private show jumping team which competed in Europe. In racing, he advises Ed Walker at Ed Walker Racing in Lambourn upon development matters including planning.

DS Equine can provide design, full project management and site management services for turnkey projects. David is an equine advisor to many large scale equestrian developments.

David is currently providing business strategy advice to GW Equine on the next stage of their development in show jumping. He also designed and developed Cortium Sports equine facility and Park Place’s polo facility in England.

One of David’s niches in the market is acting for high net worth individuals, who demand the very best in modern facilities. He has built a reputation as a very discreet and trusted agent for such individuals.

David’s approach to designing of any equine facility is that every site, client and horse is different, and it is understanding that principle at the start that is key to creating the completed project as the client wishes. Additionally, horse welfare is fundamental to any design process, with safety, ventilation, light and space key factors in a successful scheme. Each equine sport has unique requirements, operating differently in terms of stable routines, exercise and training schedules.

His passion and reputation in the equine industry shows an appreciation for quality of architecture with sound scientific principles that create optimal conditions for the horses in an environment that they will perform and relax.

David has been described as “one of the best strategists for large projects with a long term view”

“no hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle”

Winston Churchill


To make an enquiry please contact David Spragg directly on 07831 758231 or via [email protected]